P115E+Bucket Elevator

P115E+Bucket Elevator

Semi-automatic packing machine

Product ID: P115E+Bucket Elevato

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Weighing Range:
100g~15kgs / Bag (Settable weighing within weighing range)

Weighing Speed:
350~420 bags / Hour (Timing does not include sealing time since individual handling speed varies)


Suitable for powdery or granular materials having good flowing properties such as rice, corns, grains, beans, animal feeds, cereals, chemicals, drugs, pesticides, fertilizers and etc.

Pneumatic operations with PLC control system; the Human-machine Interface automatically detects malfunction spot and provides trouble shooting instruction.

Advanced weighing display combined with precision Load-cell Weighing System and free fall weighing system, high accuracy fast packaging speed and easy maintenance.

For multi specification packaging, machinery is fitted with the multi memory setting for minimum and maximum value, accumulated weight and completed volume.

Optional Device
1. Sealing Machine
2. Printer
3. Nitrogen Filling Equipment

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