Flow volume scale

Product ID: PH-EA

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Weighing Range: 20~1000kgs / Time
Weighing Speed: 10~100tons / Hour (Machinery may customize to production requirements)

Advanced weighing display combined with precision Load-cell Weighing System and free fall weighing for easy maintenance, high accuracy and fast packaging speed.

Pneumatic operations with PLC control system; the Human-machine Interface automatically detects malfunction spot and provides trouble shooting instruction.

Weighing flow volume of unpolished rice, rice, beans, cereals for warehouse accounting.

Customizable weight setting for effectively manages warehouse inventory and sales volume, such as the daily volume and the total weight of the day.

Perform wastage analysis on processing procedure and importation volume inspection.

Perform analysis on Loose Package Inventory, efficiency of the Dryer and the Rice Polishing Machine.

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