water source heat pump DKRS-070GS

water source heat pump DKRS-070GS

water source heat pump DKRS-070GS

Product ID: DKRS-070GS

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Water source heat pump:
1.Excellent performance; safe operation and control
2.High efficiency and energy saving
3.Favourable price; easy installation and maintenance
4.COP is 4 and can work in low temp.

Water Source Heat Pump (WSHP) systems-- professional water heat pumps, are one of the most efficient, environmentally friendly ways to heat and cool buildings because of their ability to move energy from where it is not needed to where it is needed. High-efficiency, self-contained DEAKON WSHP units can be placed in virtually any location within the building and connected via a water loop. Heat is added and rejected from the loop using a boiler and a cooling tower, or using geoexchange from natural sources such as the ground, a pond or a well. Each unit responds only to the heating or cooling load of the individual zone it serves. This water heat pumps provides excellent comfort levels for occupants, better control of energy use for building owners and lower seasonal operating costs. Systems are commonly applied to office buildings, hotels, health care facilities, banks, schools, condominiums and apartments ect.

High-efficient energy-saving:
1). Geothermal heat pump use heat energy from ground(including heat recovery and via compressor work produceing more heat energy release to water to get hot water .
2). Saving more than 75% energy consumption compared to traditonal heaters.
3). During the work process it will not produce watse, no pollution
4). They delivery fresh air to people to make cool to the air , against air conditioner, let people escap greenhouse.
5). They delivery clean energy to people, Contributuion significant to fight against CO2 emission
6). Very coordinate with copenhagen conference. Low carbon, low exhaust

Rated input power(KW): 6.1
Max Input power (KW): 7.5
Rated input current(A): 9.0
Max input current (A): 11.8
Mains Voltage (V/Hz): 380/50
Maximum output water temperature(℃): 60
Rated output water temperature(℃): 55
Rated water pressure(Mpa): 0.7
Circulating water volume(m3/h)fro heating: 4~5
Delivery lift(m):10
Circulating water volume(m3/h)fro cooling:7~9
Delivery lift(m):15
Water yield(L/Hr, 20℃~55℃): 595
Cop: 2~4.5
Dimension(mm): 810*810*1075
Heating water pipe interface size :G1
Cooling water pipe interface size :G1 1/2
Weight(kg): 150
Ambient temperature range(℃): -5~40
Noise(dB): ≤50
Waterproof grade: IPX4
Anti-Electric shock type: I
Capacity of water tank: 5000~6000L (Optional water tower).

This data from the test at good ventilation :Ambient temperature: dry-bulb temperature 20℃/wet bulb temperature15℃. water input temperature 15℃, water output temperature 55℃.
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