2014 new shenzhen cheap segway scooter with one wheel

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1. Features
* Green, zero discharge, low energy consumption
* Portable
* Fast charging
* Fashion design

2. Brief introduction
* F-Wheel is green, stylish and compact, and bring great fun and convenience to your work and life.
* F-Wheel integrates a variety of advanced technologies, such as spaceflight, microelectronic, motor control and maintain vehicle balance automatically. Drivers control and move forward through changes of center gravity body.
* F-Wheels on-board gyroscopes and inertial monitoring systems make corrections to the motors speed and power hundreds of times per second, in order to keep the wheels platform stable.
* It is the most advanced, most portable and futuristic personal transportation device in the world.

3. Scenarios
* If you are an office staff, you can avoid the endless traffic jam and bring yourself to your seat quickly.
* If you are a student, you can throw the bicycle away, it can bring the focus to you, and very convenient.
* If yo

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