metallic yarn type

metallic yarn type

Metallic Yarn

Product ID: TA type

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The TA type is twisting at regular intervals with double nylon mono, polyester, or other type of yarns. This metallic covered yarn is characterized by radiant colors and generally used for knitwear, sweaters, tricots, embroideries, stockings, mesh, jerseys, accessories, and industrial purposes.
Content: (1/69", 12μ) 51% Mylar Metallic Yarn & (1/100", 12μ) 49% 30D X2 Yarn
Thickness: 12μ, 23μ, (0.023m/m), 15μ, 30μ
Width: 0.5m/m, 1/32",1/69",1/85",1/100",1/110",1/168"
Standard Cone: 500g

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