HR-1613 - CNC Engraving Machine

Product ID: HR-1613

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1.The lathe is founded by industrial pipe welding which ensure the high stability.
2.The machine apply imported screw or high precision gear frame, ensure the high accuracy.
3.XYZ axis ues anti-dust system, prevent dust during working, make sure the long lifespan of spare parts.
4.Breakpoint memory guarantees continue processing.
5.High power step motor, double motor for Y-axis, high speed, low noise, run smoothly, large torque.
6.NC control system can compatible with many kinds of CAM software, such as TYPE3/ARTCAM/CAXA/UG/PRO-E/MASTERCAM/WENTAI and so on.

Widely used in Antique furniture with relief carving, wood carving, furniture-processing, instrument making, 3D light box making, Aluminum composite panel, funding mound decorative doors and windows processing etc.

It can be customized more large format and special format models, and it can be optional standard configuration spindle or importing, auto-change tool system, oil lubricatio
  • ISO9001

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