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YTW-3/5/10/15T series bucket elevator is widely used in food processing, chemical raw materials, fodder, building materials industry vertical lifting apply to material particles, the powder material.

The characteristics are as following:
1, using gravity discharge, wire-speed, no reflux, no broken.
2, with explosion-proof mouth, can effectively prevent dust explosion safety and reliability.
3, the dissolution of edge combination of technology, high strength and good sealing.
4, bucket nylon, stainless steel to adapt to the different materials to enhance.

Model YTW-3T YTW-5T YTW-10T YTW-15T
Throughput t / h, 3 5 10 15
Wire-speed m/s 0.5 0.5 0.5 0.5
Bucket width (mm) 125 175 180 200
Lifting height Press the scene to enhance the highly customized
Power 0.75— 3KW
  • ISO 9001

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