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Q7000 Inverter Special for Elevator and Escalator

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Q-7000 series of brilliant inverters for operation of elevators and escalators are designed to have a lot of exclusive features including Q-7000-EC especially for escalator, Q-7000-EL and Q-7000-IP especially for elevator.

Q-7000 series are all the type adopting IGBT’s PWM control and current vector control, V/F control. Q-7000 series have the function such as connection-point-memory & DC0-10V EASY TUNING, loading compensation for start-up torque, and manual vernier adjustment correcting. High efficiency and safe function, 300% torque compensation. Monitor torque compensation output of the inverter at anytime so as to reduce the shocking the elevator during running. The series of products has easy tuning function to the motor parameters and are complied with the regulation of GB, with braking unit (for≤45kw) and speed feedback unit.
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