7mm tinplate strip

7mm tinplate strip

Tinplate strips for stationery

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Tinplate strip widely used in metal can and metal barrel,battery ,stationery,Auto parts (oil filter) and paintbrush

Electrolytic Tin Plate (ETP) consists of cold-rolled sheet steel (black plate steel) with a thickness 0.15~0.50 mm. It owes its name to an ultra-thin coating of tin which imparts a whitish gloss to the material. This coating is electrolytically applied and protects the material from corrosion.

Tinplate strip , slitted tinplate strip

1) Standard:GB/T2520-2000,JISG3303,ASTMA623,DINEN10202
2) Material:SPCC AND MR
5)Temper:T1-T5 AND DR8,DR9
6)Annealing:BA and CA
7)Tin coating:2.8/2.8,2.8/5.6,5.6/5.6
8)Surface Finish: bright finish and stone finish
9Application:widely used for making tea cans,painting cans,chemical package cans, food package cans,electrical cable,metal printing.

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