Metal skeleton, external and internal is metal nets, the center is high density glass fiber

Metal skeleton, external and internal is metal nets, the center is high density glass fiber

HYDAC oil filter cartridge

Product ID: 0030D,0140D,0240D,

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Product character
Material : glass fiber/stainless fibre/filter paper/High strength metal nets
Working medium : General hydraulic oil /Phosphate hydraulic oil/water -glycol
For hydraulic, lubrication system, oil pressure and return oil filtration system to filter out pollutants, to ensure the normal operation of the system

Application Fields:
1.Metallurgy: used in hydraulic system and lubrication device filtering
2.Petrochemical:Used in the production process, the oil field note well water and gas filter
3.Textile: polyester melt in the purification and drawing process even filter.

Test standard
1.resistance to rupture of filter element as per ISO 2941
2.structural integrity of filter element as per ISO 2943
3.compatibility of filter element as per ISO 2943
4.filter filtrability as per ISO 4572
5. filter differential pressure specility as per ISO 3968
6.test of flow - differential pressure specility as per ISO 3968
7.viscosity of test oil

Company Advantage
SAYA company is specialized in producing all kinds of oil filter,Not only can produce domestic product, the more important thing is that we can completely replace foreign dozens of brands.,we have imported system, have complete technical parameters, and have a strong producing ability.our products can compare favourably with original.

0500D010BH3HC 0630DN006BHHC 0660D003BN3HC 0660D025W
0500D010BH4HC 0630DN006BH3HC 0660D003BN4HC 0660D025WHC
0500D010BN 0630DN006BH4HC 0660D003P 0660D050W
0500D010BNHC 0630DN006BNHC 0660D003V 0660D050WHC
0500D010BN3HC 0630DN006BN3HC 0660D005BH 0660D074W
0500D010BN4HC 0630DN006BN4HC 0660D005BHHC 0660D074WHC
0500D010P 0630DN010BHHC 0660D005BH3HC 0660D100W
0500D010V 0630DN010BH3HC 0660D005BH4HC 0660D100WHC
0500D020BH3HC 0630DN010BH4HC 0660D005BN 0660D149W
0500D020BH4HC 0630DN010BNHC 0660D005BNHC 0660D149WHC
0500D020BN 0630DN010BN3HC 0660D005BN3HC 0660D200W
0500D020BNHC 0630DN010BN4HC 0660D005BN4HC 0660D200WHC
0500D020BN3HC 0630DN025BHHC 0660D005P 0660R003BN
0500D020BN4HC 0630DN025BH3HC 0660D005V 0660R003BNHC
0500D020P 0630DN025BH4HC 0660D010BH 0660R003BN3HC
0500D020V 0630DN025BNHC 0660D010BHHC 0660R003BN4HC
0500D020W 0630DN025BN3HC 0660D010BH3HC 0660R003P
0500D020WHC 0630DN025BN4HC 0660D010BH4HC 0660R003V
0500D025W 0630RN003BNHC 0660D010BN 0660R005BN
0500D025WHC 0630RN003BN3HC 0660D010BNHC 0660R005BNHC
0500D050W 0630RN003BN4HC 0660D010BN3HC 0660R005BN3HC
0500D050WHC 0630RN006BNHC 0660D010BN4HC 0660R005BN4HC
0500D074W 0630RN006BN3HC 0660D010P 0660R005P
0500D074WHC 0630RN006BN4HC 0660D010V 0660R005V
0500D100W 0630RN010BNHC 0660D020BH 0660R010BN
0500D100WHC 0630RN010BN3HC 0660D020BHHC 0660R010BNHC
0500D149W 0630RN010BN4HC 0660D020BH3HC 0660R010BN3HC
0500D149WHC 0630RN025BNHC 0660D020BH4HC 0660R010BN4HC
0500D200W 0630RN025BN3HC 0660D020BN 0660R010P
0500D200WHC 0630RN025BN4HC 0660D020BNHC 0660R010V
0630DN003BHHC 0660D003BH 0660D020BN3HC 0660R020BN
0630DN003BH3HC 0660D003BHHC 0660D020BN4HC 0660R020BNHC
0630DN003BH4HC 0660D003BH3HC 0660D020P 0660R020BN3HC
0630DN003BNHC 0660D003BH4HC 0660D020V 0660R020BN4HC
0630DN003BN3HC 0660D003BN 0660D020W 0660R020P
0630DN003BN4HC 0660D003BNHC 0660D020WHC 0660R020V
  • Under ISO9001-2000 quality certificate

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