Rebar Labels made by SDM strength films

Rebar Labels made by SDM strength films

SDM Cross-Laminated Strength Films for labels

Product ID: SDM-30L

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SDM strength film is kind of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Cross Laminated Strength Film.
We take HDPE as raw material, and blow to be a cylindrical film with certain thickness by film blowing machine. Secondly, mechanical tensile orientation to finalize the design. Thirdly, the spiral cutting machine cut into sheet film by 45°angle with the original machine direction. Then, coat special glue on the surface of film. The last, cross laminate double-layer in 90°orientation by high-pressure.
Outstanding Features
 Cross-Lamination provides perfect strength and tears resistance in all directions.
 Perfect chemical durability.
 Surface of SDM strength film was treated by a special process, bringing you excellent uvioresistant, and long serving life.
 Outstanding weather resistance, can be applied in harsh physical environment.
 Excellent printability.
 Puncture and burst resistant, provide excellent nail tear strength and water tightness.

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