waterproof membrane made by SDM Strength Films

waterproof membrane made by SDM Strength Films

SDM Cross-Laminated Strength Films for construction

Product ID: SDM-30W

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SDM strength film is a new generation of strength film researched and developed by Upass Material Technology (Shanghai) co., Ltd in 2012 independently.
SDM strength film is kind of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Cross Laminated Strength Film.
We take HDPE as raw material, and blow to be a cylindrical film with certain thickness by film blowing machine. Secondly, mechanical tensile orientation to finalize the design. Thirdly, the spiral cutting machine cut into sheet film by 45°angle with the original machine direction. Then, coat special glue on the surface of film. The last, cross laminate double-layer in 90°orientation by high-pressure.
Outstanding Features
 Excellent dimensional stability, there is no wrinkle and bulb on the waterproofing membranes produced by our SDMTM strength film after construction, offering your outstanding waterproof performance.
 Cross-Lamination provides perfect strength and tears resistance in all directions.
 Puncture and burst resistant.

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