Automatic Fire Extinguisher Powder Filling Production Line

Product ID: Powder Filling Line

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1. Productivity: 4kg fire extinguisher 220 cylinder/hour 2. Conveying linear velocity: 6 m/min 3. F
High-precision fire extinguisher powder filling production line is low price. Save manpower resources
High-precision automatic fire extinguisher filling production line, the light of scientific research personnel of my companys production of domestic and foreign fire extinguisher requirements and characteristics of the design, manufacture new products, and its success marked the fire filling automation entered a new stage. Automatic production line of configuration-related high-precision sensors, the programmable logic controller (PLC) under the control of the speed, position, weight, torque, sealing, and other parameters to test and monitor the formation of closed-loop control system. And each station transmission, motion control of pneumatic drives to achieve the light, machine, electricity, gas, moving in one of the automation equipment.
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