IP Camera, Network Phone Camera

IP Camera, Network Phone Camera

Network Phone Camera

Product ID: ST-NPC730WF

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Network Phone Camera (ST-NPC730WF) Specifications:

— H. 264 Main Profile compression algorithm, making the image clearer, more fluid in network transmission;
— Using Cloudlink™ P2P network transmission technology which allows penetrating multi-level routing and always keeps P2P efficient and reliable transmission without mapping the ports and relying on the server to forward the data;
— Built-in 3C smart card which realizes video calls and remote monitoring as simple as calling;
— Pairing wireless detector by code learning to build a wireless alarm system;
— Self-adapting network environment and supporting 7 data rate intelligent switching;
— Supporting USB, Micro SD video storage and intelligent video data retrieving;
— Supporting mobile devices with IOS, Andriod system to achieve a smooth monitoring and video calls;
— Intelligent on-line inspection, users can easily upgrade software version.
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