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vacuum packing

Aluminum/Zinc Capacitor Film

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Polypropylene Film for Type M-PP/S-PP (4um--12um )
By adopting the imported super high-purity capacitor-grade home-polypropylene resin, The film is made by biaxial-orientation tenter process. The film features excellent Profile evenness, high BDV and high mechanical strength. The winded capacitors take On the characteristics of low dielectric dissipation and high insulation resistance.

Application scope
M-PP: Mainly for metallized-film capacitor.
S-PP: Mainly for foil-film capacitor.
Capacitor Polypropylene Rough Film Type RPP/RRPP (6um --18um)
Film thickness code
The nominal film thickness is indicated by its central value (integer value, E. G. 5, 6.7 the first figure after decimal or its codes. The nominal film thickness Of this company is the Mechani-cal Method Value (MMV) under 10 layers testing.
Note: other specifications are available according to the customer request production. Characteristics.
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