C-2008s c-188s educational wireless headphone/education headphone with fm radio,LCD display

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language teaching headphone can help students to receive signal from school special broadcast wirelessly .stereo education headphone, special for students using.
with electrostatic shielding wire, good for collecting voice
Aiben teaching wireless headphone professional in Junior high school, high school,level four And six, IELTS,TOEFL and so on foreign language listening exam

Educational headphones features:
1) Receives radio program transmitted from campus broadcast wirelessly
2) FM radio, suitable fro any transmitting points in the range of 87 - 108MHz
3) Frequency range:
a) F1: 71 - 87MHz
b) F2: 88 - 108MHz
4) With LCD frequency display
5) Use PLL technology to make sure the receiving stable and reliable
6) With frequency presetting function, it can memorize 20 frequency points
7) Suitable for global markets

technology data
Receiving Frequency: AF 100-8000HZ
FM H file 76-86 MHZ school dedicated
R file 88-108MHZ broadcast
Frequency response:30-2000HZ
Sensitivity: FM AF≥10M
SNR: >50db
THD: 2%
Power output:30MW
Power:DC 3V(2*AAA)

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