PU duct panel faced with alu foil

PU duct panel faced with alu foil

PU & PIR Pre-Insulated Air Duct System


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PU&PIR foam pre-insulated air duct system is one of the most advanced and energy saving air duct systems, its eco-compatible and environment-friendly as well. The system is installed from zero ODP PU&PIR foam pre-insulated duct panels and related accessories by using a set of special tools. The panels comprise rigid PU&PIR insulation foam protected on both sides with 80 micro coated aluminium foil, which is of low vapour permeability. The foam is completely CFC and HCFC free. And is of highly thermal resistance.
Specification and Technical Data
Item Unit Specification
Size mm 3900*1200*20
Density kg/m3 50
Thermal Conductivity w/m. K 0.025
Fire Rating Class B1(GB8624-1997)
Compressing Strength MPa 0.2
Bending Strength MPa 2.0
Water Absorption < 0.1 %
Working temperature -100 ---+80 ° C
Max wind velocity
  • ISO9001:2008

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