AT-II Wireless Temperature Monitoring System

AT-II Wireless Temperature Monitoring System

Wireless Temperature Monitoring System (AT-TT)

Product ID: AT-TT

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The wireless transmission distance of one sensor is 30~800 meters (optional).
One wireless temperature display can receive the data from 1~256 sensors (optional).
Support for multiple communication protocols (MODBUS\IEC61850\PROFIBUS).
Support for bidirectional communication, set alarms of sensors remotely.
Support for SMS alarm to authorized mobile phone.
Support for web publishing for temperature data.

Application Fields:
Equipments in power plant, substation, such as switchgear, transformer, cable tray, reactor, etc.
Tank, electric motor for chemical industry and steel industry
Large warehouse, storeroom
Computer room, communication room, Control room
Power traction, important enterprise electromechanical equipments
Other closed, rotated places or places that cannot lay the cables

System Composition
The AT-II wireless temperature monitoring system comprises the wireless temperature sensor, the wireless temperature display and the computer tha
  • ISO9001:2008

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