AT-S Remote Temperature Monitoring System

AT-S Remote Temperature Monitoring System

Indoor Temperature Wireless Remote Monitoring System (AT-S)

Product ID: AT-S

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Sensors are small, artistic, and easy to install.
Sensors use low-power design that can use long time.
Temperature displays have various ports that can access system software by wired network or GPRS.
Wireless signal has strong diffraction capacity, which is suitable for complex environment in buildings.
Temperature displays connect to autonomous system of software can combine temperature measurement and control.

Application fields:
Central heating regions of the heating companies in different places
Government buildings and hotels
Public building, such as shopping malls, etc.

System Composition
The AT-II wireless temperature monitoring system comprises the wireless temperature sensor, the wireless temperature display and the computer that is installed the software of wireless temperature monitoring system.
Wireless Temperature Sensor
Installed to surface or inside of object to survey temperature of the object. It transmits temperature data to wirele
  • ISO9001:2008

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