30dbm GSM wide band repeater/signal booster for cell phones

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30dbm GSM wide band repeater / signal booster for cell phones:

1) Output 30dbm, gain 85db, works on any of GSM, CDMA, DCS, PCS and WCDMA system; maintain safe and specific output signal levels and give alarms on self oscillation.

2) The wide band consumer unit is an ideal solution for provding a cost effective improvement in cellular in building coverage of a home, office, restarrant, VIP rooms, parking lots, buildings.

3) Built in AGC and ALC circuits, which can automatically control the gain of the repeater depending upon the strength fo input signals.

4) Compact size, low comsumption, easy installation, cover about 5000-20000m2, high linear dsign, low interference to BTS.

5) Multiple phones and other handheld devices throughout a building can benefit from a wireless repeater, extended phone battery life.

6) Available models:

  • ISO

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