Beautiful in design low in price

Beautiful in design low in price

Water Cooled Screw Chiller

Product ID: AYD-530WS

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Water-Cooled Screw Chiller

1. Adopt the best (semi-hermetic) screw compressor from abroad, and operate credibility, high efficiency, easy to maintain, exact volume control, a wide range of application. The system adopts the latest asymmetric rotor profile. Build-in pressure drop lubricant to system with low vibrations, sound emissions,high sealing performance.
2. Chiller unit adopts a reliable safety protection device: to prevent compressor starting frequently, over-current protection, overheat of motor protection, prevent freezing, sight glass in liquid, oil heating protection, phase protection, HV/LV protection, discharge high-temperature protection, safety value, soluble clock, water shut-off protection, and so on.
3. Field of application: Central Air-Conditioning. Building HVAC, Chemical, Electroplating Oxidation, Precision Instruments, Oxidation Printing, Paper, Metal, Casting, Injection Plastic Industry, Food Cleaned Frozen, Pharmaceutical Industry, Electronic Circuit Board,
  • ISO.CE

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