Professional and technological

Professional and technological

Screw Refrigeration Chiller (Low Temperature)

Product ID: AYD-660WDL

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Screw Refrigeration Chiller (Low Temperature)

1. In scope of cooling capacity: 30KW~1192KW. ①. adjust range:-5~4degC. ②. adjust range:-15~-5deg.C. ③. adjust range:-40~-25deg.C.
2. They adopts special air-cooled/water-cooled screw compressor (semi-hermetic) which is imported with credibility, high-effective, easy to maintenance, exact volume control, a wide range of application. The system adopts the latest asymmetric rotor profile, build-in pressure drop lubricant to system with low vibrations, sound emissions, high sealing performance.

Protector Device
1. Phase protector
2. Fan overload protector
3. High/low voltage protector
4. Water level protector
5. Anti-freeze protector
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