MIG-MAG Welding Machine 600

Product ID: MIG-MAG 600

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MIG-MAG 600 Sub gas welding machine with external electrode box
INTERWELDING MIG/MAG 600 is a MIG/MAG sub gas welding machine which has unified type electrode applying unit.
This product is designed to get high quality welding stitch applying sub gas welding to the surfaces which are non-alloy construct steels, stainless steels, aluminums and aluminum alloys.
This product has double traction electrode-roller applying unit
This product has soft-arc specification which reduces splashing to minimum on the ark beginning.
This product has 2 chassis connections to control influence and splashing.
Teflon spirals are used in “U” type reels and torch for the electrode supplying unit.
This product enables to weld low carbon steels and stainless steels in the source current between 20- 600 A
This product has the option of automatic and manual detentes (2 detente/ 4 detente)
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