P12 indoor led screen

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• Specifications: PH12 3-in-1 SMD indoor full color LED screen
• Resolution: 6944dots/m2
• Rich colors: with three basic colors (red, green, and blue) to form the unit board, 256-level gradation of red, green and blue form 16,777,216 kinds of colors, making the electronic displays showing rich colors, high saturation, and high resolution, and also enabling them to show high frequency dynamic images
• High brightness: the products adopt super-high brightness LED, so that you can see clearly from a long distance even in strong sunshine
• Good effect: the products adopt nonlinear calibration technology to realize clearer images with stronger feeling of layers
• High reliability: the products adopt the distributed scanning technology and the module design technology to offer higher reliability and stability
• Diversified display modes: the products support multiple display modes
• Easy operation: the products adopt popular video playing software to facilitate system operations
• Available range: large scale sports stadiums, waiting room of railway station, live TV programs, exhibition facilities, artistic centers, entertainment locations, large scale artistic ceremonies, and live concerts
Item Description
Pixel Pitch 12mm
Pixel composition 1R1G1B
Power Consumption of Module 200W
The Optimum Viewing Distance 12m
The Optimum Viewing Angle 120°
Maximum Power Consumption 400W/M2
Cabinet Weight 8Kg
Driving Method 1/8 Scan Constant Current Driving
Frame Frequency ≥60Hz/s
Refresh Rate ≥600Hz/s
Brightness ≥1500cd/m2
Operating Environment Temperature -20--60℃ Optional
Operating Voltage 220±10% or 110±10%

Grey Scale Display Colors≥16.7M(Synchronized)

Brightness Adjustment 256 grades of each color(R.G.B)can be adjusted manually and 8 levels of each color can be adjusted automatically
Life-span 100000 hours
  • CE
  • Rohs
  • FCC

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