outdoor led display

outdoor led display

outdoor P10 led display screen

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Pixel Pitch(mm) 10mm
Constitution of Pixel 1R1G1B
LED Package 346
Scan Mode 1/4
Brightness? (cd/m2) >10000cd
Average Power? (W/m2) 180W
Max Power? (W/m2) 600W
Pixel of Module? (dot) 32×16??? 16×16
Module Size? (mm) 320mm×160mm?? 160mm×160mm
Pixel Density? (dots/m2) 10000dots
Viewing Distance? (m) 5m-150m
Weight? (kg/m2) 70kg
LED Drive mode Constant Current
Display color 17M~69G
Calibrate Brightness 256 grade
Calibrate Gray 256~4096 grade
Calibrate Pictures Contrast\Tonality\Single Module Lightness
Refresh Rate 300~2440 frame/s
Frame-changing Frequency More than 60Hz
Display Interface VAG+DVI display card
Display Mode 640×480、800×600、1024×768、1280×960…1920×1200、2048×640
Control Mode Point to Point connect between LED display and Computer
Transmission Distance CAT-5E≦130m /Multi-mode Optical Fiber≦500m?/ Single Mode Optical Fiber≦10km
Video Acceptable TV? VCD DVD
Continuous Working Hours >72 Hours
Using Life 100,000 Hours
MTBF >10,000 Hours
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