component seal AS-E560(A)

component seal AS-E560(A)

component seal AS-E560(A)

Product ID: AS-E560(A)

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AS-E560(A), to replace Eagle Burgmann EA560(A) seal.
Rubber bellows design.

Operating Limits:
Speed: 15m/s.
Pressure: 10bar
Standard size: 8-50mm or 0.375”-2.0”

The Common Materials:
Seal ring: Car, Ceramic, Sic, Ssic, TC.
Secondary seal: NBR, EPDM, Viton etc.
Spring and metal parts:304,316.,HAST.C

Asinoseal also manufactures mechanical seals’ stocks for Burgmann BT-FN, M3N, M37/M37G, HJ92N, M7N, H7N, M74-D, H74-D, Eagle 1527, MG1/12/13/S20.
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