Launch  X-431 Solo

Launch X-431 Solo

Launch X-431 solo

Product ID: P118421030

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X-431 Solo is a newly developed diagnostic equipment by launch,which is not only a specialized diagnostic equipment, but also a universal diagnostic equipment. As inherited all the advantages from its cousin X-431 Diagun,X-431 Solo has the powerful diagnostic capabilities abundance of diagnostic software and stable test performance, etc. Besides, the integrated design of main unit and universal-16pin standard connector makes it become humanized, light and portable.
Product parameter
* CUP: 400MHz ARM9
* Operating system:Win CE 5.0
* 4.3 inch high-brightness, high-resolution color LCD touch screen
* Power supply:DC12V/ DC24V
* 1G memory card

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auto diagnostic tools ,auto scanners ,X431 products, key programmer.