Overhead Sectional Door

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Brief Introduction

The door panel move up during opening and eventually fully enter the overhead room along the tracks. The door panel does not fold or roll during opening. There are 3 types of overhead sectional doors according to the move direction.

The door panel moves along the horizontal tracks during opening, which is suitable for the door openings with small overhead room.

The door panel moves along the vertical tracks during opening, which is suitable for the door openings with enough overhead room.

The door panel moves upward along the vertical tracks for a while, and then move horizontally, which is suitable for the door openings with big overhead room.

Configuration and Work Principle

The door comprises 5 parts:  1)door system;2)track system;3)torsion spring balancing system;4)sealing system;5)door opener system。

The surface panel is color steel and polyurethane composite board, with wrinkle/smooth surface upon request. The panel pressing shape could be in square ,deep channel or shallow channel.

Inside of the panel is polyurethane foaming.

The tracks are rolled from thick galvanized steel board.

Imported industrial door opener is upon request.

Sealing strip will be in EPDM rubber.


Item Specifications
Thickness of the color steel sheet 0.326mm
Density of the polyurethane foaming ≥44kg/m3
Brand of color steel sheet From Baosteel
Heat transmission coefficient of insulation layer <0.033w/(m.k)
Impact resisting ≥45kg/m
Length of the panel 6040mm
Total thickness of the panel 42mm / 47mm
Height of each section of the panel ≥500mm
Weight of each set of door 620kg
Thickness of the galvanized steel sheet for tracks 2.0±0.2mm
Life of spring ≥30,000 times
Open/close speed ≥0.25 m/sec
Protection grade of control cabinet IP54
Temperature -40~+70
Air tightness Grade III
Water tightness Grade III

Control could be manual, electrical, or through remote control. Pressure sensitive edge and infrared protection device are upon request

Daylighting windows could be installed upon request.

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