Fabric lifting hangar door

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General Information
The lift door is a kind of door made of soft fabric which is divided into two layers. The connections between the fabric are aluminum made crossbeam. The door lifts vertically with the motive guide track, which can be used in the conditions where the top beam of opening has different layers and not in the same line. This door is installed inside of the opening and not takes up the space inside and outside. The door fabric cloth will move first when the door open and will be stacked above the opening head. Then the motive guide tracks turn and position under the cloth. When it closed, the guide will pack first, and then the cloth drop until to the end.
The top bearing beam should be connected to the roof truss as a whole structure, with the hanging point, hoisting winch, fixing pulley, hanging beam on it and also bearing the weight of door.
Steel structure guides and sealing members shall be installed on the jambs. The door consist by horizontal structure, bottom beam (truss structure), high strength double layers of PVC polyester fabric door surface and the guide wheels which free of maintenance.
Maintenance-free guide wheels will be installed on the both ends of horizontal structure (one set on each end) and the bottom beam (two sets on each end). High strength door surface will be fixed to the ribs and bottom beam by the aluminum strips and the self-tapping screws.
Steel wire rope for door lifting will be fixed on the bottom beam, but not fixed to the horizontal beams.
When the door closed, the weight of horizontal structure and the accessories will be transferred to the bearing beam through the high strength door surface. When the door opening (lifting), the weight of bottom beam, horizontal structure and the accessories will be carried by the steel wire ropes beside the door, and transferred to the bearing horizontal beam through hoisting device.
Opening/closing of the door will be achieved from push buttons. Releasing the push button during opening/closing will stop the door immediately. The fabric door move smoothly during lifting/lowering and audible and visible alarm for door opening/closing is available. Anti-dropping mechanical locking device will be arranged (activated by sudden broken steel wire rope). The fabric on two sides are in one piece separately with no seam so which could guarantee air tight. Air channel on the side aluminium guides and bottom seals could satisfy the heat reservation and damp proof need. The door fabric could resist the impact of any steel grit come from shot-blasting. There is no bottom track which is convenient for in & out of materials and also free of problem of keeping cleaning the steel grit from bottom tracks.
Door frame, guide track (movable track) , fabric, aluminum beam, top frame bracket, bottom beam, sealing system, drive and transmission system, electric control system and safety system, etc.

Taking up little space: The door is installed inside the opening, and then stacked up to the top, which not take up the inside space. As the large span hangar door opening, many motive guide tracks shall be fixed to divide the whole opening into several small span openings then to install several independent small doors. This will reduce the thickness of the whole door, thereby, the space shall be reduce much more.
Sound layout: According to the different guide track situation, different fabric lifting door can be fabricated to make the whole building layout in reason. So the whole space and the cost shall be greatly reduced.
High windward performance: Aluminum made crossbeam between the two layers of cloth can be made as windward frame and the steel truss is at the bottom.
By adjusting the thickness and the space of the crossbeam, the door can bear the wind pressure in any condition to guarantee the door be used in any district.

Large tensile strength: the door cloth is made of double layers of polyester fiber, which is be of large tensile strength. It can be used for mega opening, such as store room for rocket assembly.
Door cloth painted with ethane on the surface, which is of waterproof, sun protection, flame retardant, heat insulation, mould proof moisture proof, etc.
High safety performance: many mechanical and electric protection devices shall be set to guarantee the safety of the passing personnel, vehicle, and airplane, etc. Anti-fall device is fitted in the door in case that the transmission strip cut off the whole door will be locked to the track in any position. The anti-fall device is also fixed in the motive track to make sure that the track can stop reliably on the top of the opening to avoid falling. The gas bag is at the bottom part so that when the door come up against the barrier, it will rebound until the door has been opened fully. The infrared protection device also can be fixed.
Design Description
Generally the design of fabric lifting hangar will include parts as below:
„ Top frame bracket
„ The door cloth and door frame
„ Mechanical safety system
„ Lifting system
„ Guide track and the motive track
„ The electric safety system
„ The electric and control system

Detail description as below:
Top frame bracket
The main factor deadweight load and the wind load shall be considered .Through calculation to confirm the structure size and check the intensity with finite element analysis. The truss structure shall be used normally and welded with the channel and angel steel. The material is Q235.
The door cloth and door frame
The deadweight load shall be the main factor to be considered. As the door frame designing, the wind load should be considered mainly and also it should match with style of the whole building. The door cloth made of the polyester fiber painted with ethane has many colors and styles with high TS. When the TS of the cloth can not meet the requirement, the added steel wire can be used as strengthen .The door frame is made of aluminum crossbeam with the space 600~1200mm each. Confirm the structure and size of the crossbeam first, then check the intensity with ANSYS.
Mechanical safety system
As the mechanical safety device: one is anti-cut device, and the other is anti-fall device used in motive track. The designing theory of the anti-cut is the principle of mutual lock. When the lifting strip cut off ,the device will lock the track at once to prevent the door falling. The anti-cut device has the function of preventing from pizing to avoid being pized from the bottom part. The anti-cut device is of the series product which can be selected according to the weight and size of the door. The anti-fall device is designed with eccentric wheel, which can be used to catch hold of the motive track at once when the lifting steel wire cut off .All these two devices adopt No.45 high quality carbon steel needing heating treatment.

Lifting system
According to the spec and the weight of the door, two or many more lifting strips shall be prepared. The lifting strips shall be of strong fiber and steel wire. The safety coefficient is between 6 and 10.
Guide track and the motive track
The structure and the position of the track and the motive track shall be decided by the building opening. And the size of them can be calculated according to the local load situation. The guide track and the motive track shall be made of aluminum alloy and be of section steel composite structure.
The electric safety system
The warning bell and the flash alarm will operate 5 seconds before the door moving and will continue until the door stops. The warning alarm shall be 120 Decibel.
The safety edge is fitted at the bottom part .When the door body touch the person or the other barrier, it will rebound until the door opened fully. The infrared device at the bottom part will make the door or the motive track rebound during the descending process if there is a person or barrier below.
The electric and control system
To acquire the reliable performance, the import high quality electric element shall be used. The motor shall be SEW brand or Demark brand with good performance and reliable running situation. The door opening and closing and the motive track lifting shall adopt double limits to prevent from the excess running. The control system shall contain independent control and centralized control. The door and the guide track operation shall be controlled automatically; The fixed mutual lock shall guarantee the fabric and the motive track run in sequence

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