BaseWay5000 series

BaseWay5000 series

GSM gateway

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BaseWay5000 series GSM VoIP wireless access gateway is a multi-functional gateway used to effectively implement the smooth transition between PSTN and VoIP network., mainly including 8\16\24\32 ports,etc

Through SIM card installed in gateway, BaseWay5000 series make the mobile phone registered to SIP exchange platform(such as soft3000、FreeBPX、FastCallPBX、Asterisk,etc.) to meet customers’comfort ,simple and saving money demand when using. Specific applications include wireless access, mobile PBX,Call center, VOIP landing and SMS platform,etc.

Main Features
Standard G711A/U,G7231,G729A/B voice codec
1/4/8/16/32 GSM/CDMA channels
SIP10/20 Protocols, preventing force-out
Support SIM bank and SIM server
Support up to 32 Concurrent Calls
Flexible routing and number transformation rules, support the single-channel duration limit
Black and white list based on IP and password
Support telnet configuration and upgrade


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