single girder gantry crane

single girder gantry crane

motor driven mobile single gantry crane

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1.Single gantry crane 20t has CD type and MD type hoist.

2.This type of gantry crane is in medium and light duty.lifting capacity is from 2 ton to 16 tons and span is from 5m to 35m,working temperature is within -20°C and +40°C.

3.This type of single gantry crane 20t is widely used in outdoor yard and storage house and has ground control type and operator cabin type.

4.Single girder gantry crane is used in out works.Slab steel beam box structure and trolley is on single girder,rail clamp is used for sill beam,crane is medium work duty.

Safety device:
1.Weight overload protection device

2.Top quality long time bearing polyurethane materials buffer

3.Crane traveling limit switch

4.Voltage lower protection function

5.Emergency stop system

6. Current overload protection system


40 ton motor driven mobile crane is used to lift and transport smaller items around a working area in a factory or machine shop.
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