jib crane

jib crane

5t cantilever swing arm jib crane

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Introduction of jib cranes :

1.BZ type pillar mounted electric jib crane is a new product developed by introduced equipment, and also a special lifting equipment designed according to user’s needs.

2.It is energy saving and efficient material handling equipment with the following advantages: novel structure, reasonable, simple, easy to operate, flexible rotation, large work space.

3.It can be widely used in factories, workshop production line, assembly line and warehouse, wharf, and weight lifting.

4.This machine is made up of a pillar, slewing jib and electric chain hoist, etc. Column bottom is fixed into concrete; the spiral arm is rotary according to user requirements.

5.Rotary parts are divided into manual rotation and the motor rotation. Electric chain hoist is installed in slewing orbit to lifting weights.


1.The working system of rotary jib crane is intermediate.

2.Its rated workload ranges from 0.25 t, 0.5 t, and 1t to 2 t, 3 t, 5 t,
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