Pvc plastic pelletizing Machine

Product ID: BENICE2012062105

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1. Precision is high,hot-cutting efficiency is high,installation and movements convenient
2. This pvc granulating machine is composed by a conical twin screw extruder and the correspindingly pelletizing downstream equipment,it is suitable for the pelletizing of pvc raw material or add some additives,such as wooden power
3. The pellets produced by this machine is evenly,solid,elegace
4. The pelletizing downstream equipment is the die face cutter,air transferring unit,vibration screen and fan delivery system,this pelletizing auxuliary machine has the features of high automation and high production efficiency
5. The screw and barrel,made of 38 crmoaia,and made through smithing, tempering,nitriding treatment,different from other:screw edge is tempered after rough finish with good harder ability,and double aging reduce efficiently stree,meanwhile,though accurate processing,phases of screw edges have small error,the barrel and screw have high universal property,the structure of screw is different based on the material
  • ISO2008

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