USB air evaporative humidifiers

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150-150ml volume
humidify rate :25-30ml
beauty design
air purifier
USB air evaporative humidifiers
USB air evaporative humidifiers

1. Small size , can put in any place in you home / office / car or some other place , a new and health gift for your families and friends ;

2. Humifification , removing dryess , increasing indoor air humidity , anti-electrostatic and improving work efficiency ;

3. Air purification , adding special potion m stemming , killing flu , pneumonia and other bacterias , to buld good friendly environment ;

Net weight : 0.45kg
Voltage: 5V-12V
Power : 2.5W
Water tank capacity :150-180 ml
Humidifying capacity 25-30 ml/h
Dimensions : 86*86*145 mm
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  • ROHS
  • FCC
  • CQC

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