Parking sensor lighting

Parking sensor lighting

Parking lot sensor, energy saving power,office,indoor

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1,PIR Sensor LED is high-tech product combine sensor technology which use PIR to control and illumination technology.

Widely used in garage, basement, hallway, aisles, passage,hotel, office, washroom, etc.

2,There is a PIR sensor on tube. When some one is detected in the setting area the light will automatically turn on,

lasting for a while then turn off. There is no need to install a switch. Can be more energy.

3,The tube has automatic illumination detection device. Only when the ambient illumination is below

the setting point can the lamp turned on. (It can be set to be in waiting state.)


Underground garage, basement, hallway, Office, Exhibition room, Supermarket, School, Library, Hospital,Corridor, Hotel,etc.

Note: OEM Brand is available
Customized products are also available according to clients requirements

Warnings & cautions:
1. Please use it in a ventilation environment and keep it from water.
2. DO NOT connect power (positive & negative) to the two pins at one end only.

If they are connected together (positive/negative): you will create a short circuit.

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