Urine Specimen Container Moulds

Urine Specimen Container Moulds

Plastic Circulation & Logistics Box Mould (BHM-I-0813)/Injeciton Molding/injection mold tooling

Product ID: BHM-I-0813

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Plastic Circulation & Logistics Box Mould (BHM-I-0813)/Injeciton Molding

Recently we finished injection moulds of 30ml and 100ml Specimen Containers made for Russia and Mexico customers.

Last week we tried moulds and moulds operation were very well, fully automatic. The plastic weight control, appearance, assembly and leakage free test all met the demand. Especially the assembling for the top cover and cups is very smoothly.
If you have the interest we would love to furnish more details.

If there is any other item request us quotation, please kindly let us know the cavity number, runner type and products specification. Thank you.

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