Ceiling filter for spray booth

Ceiling filter for spray booth

Spray booth ceiling filter/roof filter

Product ID: CD-600

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Spray booth ceiling filter
1. High dust holding capacity
2. Low initial pressure drop
3. Progressive structure
4. Long service life

Ceiling Filter Application
a. Ceiling filtration at spray booth
b. Standard industrial spraying system
c. Air clean system pre-filtration
d. Flow decentralization at ventilation system

Ceiling Filter Specification
Model: CD-600G
Material: polyester
Product density: 600/m2
Air velocity: 0.25m/s
Humidity resistance: 100%
Initial resistance: 28pa
Final resistance: 450pa
Temperature resistance: 100 Centigrade
Thickness: 22 mm
Dust holding: 600/m2
Filtration class: F5
Normal size: 1m*20m 2m*20m
Other size would be available upon request

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