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Product ID: Dye DM12 PGA

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Dye is proud to introduce the DM12, the newest and most advanced member of our original series of markers of the famed DM line. This is the marker that has guided the Ironmen and Damage to numerous titles, and has been the backbone of Dye’s product line for almost a decade. The DM is not only the most reliable, well established and longest-running marker in Dye’s history, but also has the capability to shoot the most fragile tournament-grade paint on the market, carries a tradition of being among the smoothest, quietest, and most accurate paintball markers in the world. We’ve made the DM12 even lighter than its predecessor, and a combination of tried and true technology and innovative new features truly makes this marker The Choice of Champions.

A first for the paintball industry, Dye has developed an advanced anodizing process that allows any graphic to be directly transferred to the surface of the gun. Additionally, Dye’s PGA process ensures minimal graphic resolution loss or disto

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