BT Delta Elite Tactical Paintball Marker

Product ID: BT Delta Elite

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The BT-4 Delta Elite Tactical Paintball Marker combines milsim looks with high performance upgrades to your next game. Based on one of the most popular submachineguns in use by police and military around the world, the Delta Elite features the BT Electronic Gripframe for high ROF Semi/ Burst/ Full Auto modes and the sound-activated Rip Clip Electronic Loader for fast dependable forcefeeding of paintballs at a low price. The new front shroud hides a BT Apex Barrel System within the mock sound suppressor for realistic tactical look while the retractable stock adjusts to your needs on the fly.

Features include:
Electronic Trigger with Semi, Burst/ Full Auto Modes
Rip Clip Sound-Activated Electronic Loader
Slide away feedport for easy cleaning and maintenance
Lightweight, balanced construction
Impact resistant, baked on coating
Retractable stock
Mock magazine
Works with CO2 or compressed air
Adjustable rear aperature sight
Custom Apex barrel featuring mock suppressor and gas tube

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