RCB-650 solid lubricant embedded bearings (CuSn12)

Product ID: RCB-650

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Solid lubricated bearings in the bearing surface of the substrate metal friction out of the appropriate size, arranged in order of the hole, and then embedded in the cavity has a unique self-lubricating properties of solid lubricant 〖forming area is generally solid lubricant friction area 2596-- 3596> and made ​​self-lubricating bearings. The metal matrix composite bearings and specially formulated lubricating materials of their respective advantages, breaking the general lubrication of bearings depend on the limitations of film. ^ 8 solid lubricant bearings are particularly suitable for oil-free, high temperature, high load, low-speed, anti-fouling, corrosion, anti-radiation radiation, as well as solutions in water or vacuum infiltration could not lubricating film under the working conditions of special use. The product is widely used in metallurgy rolling equipment, filling equipment, turbines, gas turbines, instrumentation, and mining machinery, ship machinery, textile machinery, shipbuilding, aerospace navigation and other fields. Also become widely used in other industrial and agricultural machinery. ^: 8 matrix of solid lubricated bearings should be based on the bearing of their own working conditions may be. Commonly used materials with high strength brass, bronze, castings and so on. According to bearing their own working conditions, by different metal matrix and the embedded solid lubricant combination, enables the product to meet a variety of temperature, load, sports and media and other working conditions of the special needs, while ensuring stable and reliable work. This section is made of (CuSn12)
  • ISO9001:2008

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