CRS-Bluetooth Worlds Smallest Bluetooth Interrupted Swipe Card Reader Only $449 Smaller than MSRv008!

Product ID: CRS-Bluetooth

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--- Price---

Full Version - $949 USD
Demo Version - $449 USD


Dimensions - 18mm x 7mm x 2.4mm


Our CRS-Bluetooth is the worlds smallest Bluetooth card reader, and is sold exclusively here at Card Reader Solution. This reader is significantly smaller than any other Bluetooth interrupted swipe card reader including the MSRv008 or MSRv013. Our CRS-Bluetooth will read all 3-tracks in both directions, it is able to read jittering and interrupted swipes better than any other reader in the world. Our CRS-Bluetooth will read over 35000 cards and all information is secured with 256 bit AES encryption. You will be able to download all of the recorded card information from up to 400 meters (1300 ft) away.

The CRS-Bluetooth card reader is the smallest, best reading, and most secure card reader in the world. Why settle for any less?

---Technical Details---
•Worlds Smallest Bluetooth Card Reader
•Bluetooth Interface

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