Solar Panel Module with 240W Poly-crystalline, Measuring 1,644 x 994 x 50mm

Product ID: ZF240-60P-B CCTNC-1

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Size: 156 x 156mm
Number of cells: 60 pieces (6 x 10)
Dimension: 1,644 x 994 x 50mm
Weight: 20kg
Glass: high transmission and low-iron tempered
Frame: anodized aluminum alloy
Junction box: IP67 standard
Maximum power: 210W
Open-circuit voltage: 37.27V
Maximum power voltage: 29.73V
Short-circuit current: 8.47A
Maximum power current: 8.07A
Operating temperature: -40 to +85 C
Maximum system voltage: 1,000V
Tolerance: ±3%

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