400W UHF TV transmitter

Product ID: CKUB-T400

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400W UHF TV transmitter

Main features:

Wide-band frequency:(470-862MHz)
Low noise and power consumption
Extremely low group delay
Stable constant power output from ALC
Output VSWR detection protection
Suitable for DTV transmission system with single or multiple channels
Widely used in transmission of HFC,AML or MMDS TV signals
wireless DTV networking at a lower cost
Modular design faciliates installation and maintenance
Automatic and manually operated switching backup system available
Embedded lightning protector to avoid lightning overvoltage and instant overvoltage
Local monitoring and control
Wireless remote monitoring(optional)

Technical specification:

Frequency range:470-860MHz
Input signal level:87-117
Noise figure:3dB
Digital average output power:56dBM
Power Consumption 2 KW
Power Supply Connector IEC320
Cooling System Temperature-controlled forced air cooling
Size(WHD)/Weight 620mm X1020mm X 960mm /180kg
  • ISO9001/CE2000

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