Gold Analyzer / EXF 8000s Spectrometer

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EXF 8000s modern Spectrometer is an ideal instrument for testing purity of precious metals. This is a powerful software along with inbuilt computer therefore all the analysis could be done at once.

EXF 8000S is intergated an industrial computer with industrial motherboard & multi-point hand touch. Providing best operation experience.

It is designed exactly to security standards with active radiation protection, high voltage protection and X-ray tube overheating protection. Warm-up and anti interference procedure is controlled by the program, to reduce the interference by the reflected X-ray and the spectrums, to add the accuracy and stability.

Optional colors for different elements will help to distinguish the interested elements clearly and conveniently. When the testing is over, the testing report will be shown timely.
  • ISO9001
  • CE
  • FCC

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