Host of JGSB-1

Host of JGSB-1

JGSB-1 Protable Engineering Logging System

Product ID: JGSB-1

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Main Application
The shallow, middle and deep hydrogeology, engineering geology integrated digital logging for water conservancy and hydropower, railway, road, civicism, electricity, transport, urban construction and other industries.

Features and Functions
Light in weight: the winch adoptφ4.0 three core armoured cable
Convenient power supply: use DC 12V or 220V/50Hz as operating power supply
Rich measurement parameters, choose different parameter probes according to the purpose

System Component
Acquisition host machine, various kinds of probes(resisitivity, natural gamma, SP and so on), manually (or automatically) winch and other related accessories.
  • ISO 9001:2008

Main Products

metal & water detector, seismograph, geophones, logging instrument