Chemat entry level laboratory spin coater

Product ID: KW-4A

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KW-4A is a compact and easy-to-use spin coater for precise and uniform deposition of thin films and coatings. Its rugged, vibration-free and portable design makes it a versatile tool for your research facility. A two-stage spin process allows dispensing at low speed and homogenizing the coating at high speed. The KW-4A spin coater can be used to deposit metal oxide thin films, polymer coatings and metal organic thin films.

Depth: 10.0 inch
width: 8.5 inch
Height: 8.5 inch
2-Stage Spinning
Stage 1: 500-2500 rpm
2-18 seconds
Stage 2: 800-8,000 rpm
3-60 seconds
115 VAC, 60HZ, 1 amp
220 VAC, 50HZ,1 amp
Vacuum > 2.1 CFM

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