LED Ecological Light-conversion Glass

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LED Ecological Light-conversion Glass

Reduce plant disease or insect pests
Green & safe planting
Improve growth speed and survival rate: more than 50%
Save energy 60% or more

LED light conversion ecological glass.

With light conversion material, this glass converted UV light into the most sensitive red and blue light that wavelength of 660 nm of plant photosynthesis, to improve the growth rate and survival rate of plant, energy savings significantly.

Advantages of LED Ecological Glass:

Reducing plant diseases and insect pests, basically no need the pesticides, providing secure, green and safe plants.
By adjusting the conversion function between the LED light ad sun spectrum, shorten the plant growth cycle, improve the growth speed and survival rate: more than 50%, save energy 60% or more, providing high efficient and energy saving production.
The product can be applied in a lot of sites, use the way of building blocks

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