Optical Glass

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Optical Glass

Optical glass is a kind of new display based projector, features: high-definition,light-resistant,super-light, anti-aging.It is using the compact crystal (HCFC) as the core material, and together with the nanotechnology, optics and other materials, through the special equipment processing, to obtain the advanced optical structure.It is excellent on image display.At the same time, the optical glass is able to prevent the sun radiation and UVs damage from the glass.It is also anti-aging, anti-acid and anti-oxidation. So it is no need to worry about using the glass for too long time or put the glass outdoors. It is also quite easy to clean, if there is dirty on the glass surface, just use the cloth and gently wipe it. It is super-light, its thickness is only half comparing with other similiar products.

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