Switchable smart glass

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Switchable smart glass

Smart glass is a kind of special building decoration glass. It is also called the glass of electronically controlled light switchable glass. It has the light transmit effect by using the new liquid crystal. Its main features: when power on, the glass is transparent, when power off, light can pass through the glass but it is not transparent.it is safe and enviromental protection. It can prevent 98% of the infrared ray and UV ray,reduce the heat transmission; It also has features of effectively block noises, energy-saving. When power off, the degree of visible light can reach 43%, light transmission rate is more than 50%, so it can be used as projector. If it used in the shopping mall, the advertising effect is quite good.

Instand privacy control
UV blocking and high UV stability.
Low voltage
Long-life, excesses 1000,000 cycles on/off

Windows or office partitions
Conference rooms or show rooms
Automatic or manual doors

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