ICR-M10 Long Range Card Reader

Product ID: ICR-M10

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Product description
l Functions Reading distance is more than 15 meters without affect from cars anti-explosion metal film

l Directional reception, interference-free from adjacent lanes

l Dual-way machine code authentication; no interference when many readers work together.

l Signal strength can be adjusted automatically according to climate,

l Zero-interference from environment

l Fast identification without affect form vehicle speed

l Integrated design, simple layout

l After reading the cards, the reader will flicker and make sounds

l Two-layer water-proof structure; protection grade is IP66

Product Application
l Entry and Exit intelligent management parking system

l ETC Electronic Toll Collection System

l Non-stop counting system for vehicle

l Non-stop Attendance system for bus

l Electronic road test for driving system

Technical Parameter
Identification Distance
Above 15 meters is adjustable and the best adjustment

distance range is 5 meters from the railing.

Identification Angle
within 60 degree tapered region of readers frontage

Sending Channel

Receiving Channel

Reading Speed
More than 60km/hr

Communication Interface

Communication Encryption
Based on Bluetooth encryption algorithm

Working Voltage
+9 ~ +18V DC

Working Temperature
-40~80 degree

280*250*46(mm),Pole Bracket Ф60*12000mm


Grey\Grayish-black\Red orange(other colours as

oredered),providing ODM processing

Packing List
Host\Power\Connector\Instruction\Testing card

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